Weber-Isis Orgone Beamer

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For energy and information transfer based on the bio resonance principle, For orgonomic approaches, For radionic approaches

Weber-Isis Orgone Beamer

Optimum energy while travelling

ECKHARD WEBER: "The Horus Wand is my personal favourite. It has a beautiful design and may hold a huge potential. There is one significant feature which distinguishes it from the Isis Orgone Beamer: the Orgone Beamer may emit previously absorbed bio energy, in addition to the energy generated by its shape and the material. The Horus Wand, however, is suspected to also amplify the thoughts of the user, which may increase its effect tremendously! After all, we create our own world with our thoughts. Those who use their own positive thoughts e. g. in order to provide support to somebody on the physical level may amplify their own energy thanks to the exceptionally high effectiveness of the Horus Wand which is assumed to exist. I am aware of quite a few cases in which it is used as a substitute for acupuncture needles because its users believe that it can be perceived more intensely.

It is regrettable that xoutside of alternative medical circles this type of knowledge tends to be rejected as unscientific. After all, from my point of view humans are beings who absolutely have the capacity to have an 'effect' as orgone beamers and vibrational potentiators in their own right. The Horus Wand may amplify these high levels of vibration even further. In the hands of a person with good intentions, the wand may be a wonderful tool! You can use it on yourself as well as for working with others."


Mini Orgone Beamer

The Horus Wand is a perfect companion. This miniature Isis Orgone Beamer can be used anywhere, in a restaurant as well as when having a picnic outdoors, while travelling, in your office or at a hotel. It has the size of a pen and comes with a wooden case in which it can be carried on easily.


It is very well possible that the shape of the Horus Wand contributes to its particular effect. Its geometry, which consists in seven rings, may amplify the bio energy involved. The latter is probably amplified even more because of the selected materials: brass, a gold spiral (inside), rock crystal spheres, quartz sand, natural cotton, wax as well as beech wood and gold alloy (on the outside). In addition, the Horus Wand is designed in a way which does not permit it to absorb anything which may have a negative impact on its energetic effect. Furthermore, the materials used for the Horus Wand may trigger the transformation of negative vibrations. Moreover, the aforementioned materials have been energetically charged with more than 1000 positive pieces of information and frequencies.
The total length of the Horus Wand is 14.46 cm (5,69").

Your bio energy beamer for travel

In all likelihood, there are disharmonic vibrational fields which may disturb the body. It may be possible to harmonize these fields by pointing the Horus Wand at them – an assumption which is backed up by experience.

Projection of information

The Horus Wand serves as a kind of magnifying glass for orgone energy. There is reason to believe that its construction and composition amplify whatever energy field is present, thus projecting information and energy into all organic and inorganic substances.

Benefits and application

  • Energetic acupuncture (often perceived more intensely than acupuncture needles)
  • Allows for transmission of pure orgone energy
  • May harmonize foods and drinks
  • May enhance the flavour and digestibility of foods and drinks
  • May provide a way to drain negative emotions
  • May charge the human body with orgone energy
  • May support subtle energy work
  • May harmonize and purify the chakras
  • Provides a possible way to beam in information contained in homeopathic remedies
  • May be helpful in color therapy
  • May offer a way to transfer positive affirmations to yourself (via your solar plexus or directly via the location affected or onto neutral information carriers, e. g. saline solution)

Application example

Hold the Horus Wand against your plate or glass for approx. 30 seconds while holding positive thoughts such as: "I am harmonizing any negative impact that this food or drink may have on me, making it more digestable". In addition, you can draw a clockwise spiral over the food or drink.

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