Weber-Isis Heart-Chakra Activator

Weber-Isis Heart-Chakra Activator

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The Heart Chakra Activator owes its power to geometric form radiation. Supports meditation, maintains energy fields

Weber-Isis Heart-Chakra Activator

ECKHARD WEBER : A friend once asked me for help, and that is how I ended up designing the Light Body Transformer. My friend had noticed a huge draining of energy with some of his patients. He wanted to help them by strengthening them and by providing energetic support. For a long time, I did not find any solution, but then I suddenly knew that the Light Body Transformer would provide an answer to that. I became aware that its form should approximate the shape of a human being. The main component of its insides is, among other things, a gyrated double helix made of gold threads. After I had completed the design of the device, I met the founder of "Mer-Ka-Ba" meditation. The word stands for the "light body" enveloping us. The Mer-Ka-Ba is one of the most powerful tools to accelerate our spiritual growth. (To learn more, please read volumes I and II of Drunvalo Melchizedek's The Flower of Life.) When Drunvalo saw my Light Body Transformer, he commented that the Ancient Egyptians had used objects with this shape to increase their vibration. Most clients who purchase this product already practice Mer-Ka-Ba meditation. According to their reports, the Light Body Transformer helps them to maintain the energy field they generate this way for longer periods of time.

Those working with the Light Body Transformer should have attained some awareness of themselves. If not, they might be confused about some of the sensations they might experience. Since the Light Body Transformer creates a connection to the 4th dimension (Time), fear can materialize very quickly! This acceleration can have both positive and challenging consequences. In other words, handle the device with care! After all, it will confront you with everything which is not in balance. Those who are in balance, however, may experience rapid progress when using it!"


The Isis Light Body Transformer has the geometric form radiation of a diagonal figure eight, the vibration of the 13 grooves and a length of 7.23 cm (2.85") (wave length of 7.23 cm / 2.85" = Cosmic Key). The hollow space of the device houses 13 round crystals strung on a helix made of a gold thread gyrated 26 times. The six rock crystals above and the six rock crystals below contain the vibrational information of Herkimer Diamonds, the center contains a high-carat emerald. A large orgone beamer is used to charge the device with thousands of positive subtle information items which the body can potentially benefit from based on the principle of bio resonance.




The following effects are possible:

  • Stabilization of the rotational speed of the star tetrahedron fields
  • Building up of the Mer-Ka-Ba (a counter rotating light force field)
  • Key to the forth dimension
  • For sensitive and mediumistic persons, the potential connection to the cosmos generated by the fact that they are wearing the pendant may significantly improve their extrasensory perception
  • Energetic programming of the complete blueprint for the subtle energy field is possible

Practical application

• The Light Body Transformer should be worn around the neck on the leather strap supplied along with it. It should be positioned over the solar plexus
• Initially, it should only be worn for 5-25 minutes twice a day, depending on the person's physical condition. Those who have become used to the Light Body Transformer and can tolerate its energy well, can also wear it for several hours
• Since the Light Body Transformer will be found to match itself to the individual vibration of the person wearing it, it should not be used by more than one person
• The wearer should be familiar with the light body process

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