Books by Serge Fitz

Books by Serge Fitz


Biography of the author

Serge Fitz is the author of several books on geobiotherapy and the language of disease. He leads seminars as a radiesthesist, consultant and practitioner in the fields of body energies and decoding the causes of the disease.

His books are available in French.

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Book - Dossier entités

Product no.: GSB001

18.50 *

Book - L'après-vie

Product no.: GSB002

19.80 *

Book - Éco-médecine

Product no.: GSB003

36.00 *

Book - Bien vivre sa maison

Product no.: GSB004

13.00 *

Book - La Maladie un Mythe qui se porte bien

Product no.: GSB005

18.00 *

Book - Les autres causes de la maladie

Product no.: GSB006

28.00 *

Bio Generator SF

Product no.: GS0030

190.00 *
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