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Filter for Weber-Isis® Aquarella Plus

The reverse osmosis system Weber-Isis® Aquarella Plus has 5 built-in filtration stages that clean and purify piped water through the principle of reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis system removes not only suspended matters and flavors from the water, but also all pollutants. Whether Nitrite, Nitrate, Pesticides, Drug residues or Uranium - the elegant reverse osmosis system ensures maximum drinking pleasure. The integrated storage tank of 1.7 liters provides always fresh osmosis water. With a daily capacity of 190 liters, the osmosis system is suitable for both: the 1-person household, and for the family and for the small kitchen in the office.

The filtration levels:




1. Stage: 5 micron sediment filter removes or reduces Rust, Sand, Coarse particles

2. Stage: Nano-silver filter removes Bacteria, organic and inorganic impurities

3. Stage: activated carbon filter removes or reduces Chlorine, Lime, Drug residues, Pesticides, Solvents

4. Stage: Nano-silver filter SAFE prevents bacterial growth in the filter.

5. Level 0 GPD Membrane removes all contaminants such as Uranium, Nitrite, Nitrate, Fungicides, Herbicides, Drug Residues, Hormones, Asbestos, Bacteria, Solvents, Pesticides etc. from the piped water. The principle of reverse osmosis seems to be the only method to receive nearly 100% of pure water.

The filters alre fully energised.

Aquarella Plus is not more available, only the filters for people who bought the system in the past.









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