WeberBio wand for drinks (gilded)

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Your constant companion


WeberBio wand for drinks (gilded)


ECKHARD WEBER: "A fantastic companion while traveling. And just the right thing for everybody who is still in doubt! If you are not yet that sure about whether bio energy really exists or whether it can be amplified or emitted using any of my devices, this one provides you with a low-cost opportunity to experiment. Simply trust your own perception!
Use the Isis Wand for Drinks to stir your coffee, fruit juice, wine, beer or water and wait for what will happen. Does its taste improve? Do you feel more refreshed? I am firmly convinced that you will notice something. Do take your time and train your perception.
Here, too, the design of the device, which includes grooves and rings, plays a major role, supported by the sphere. The radiation which may unfold based on these forms alone may be enhanced even further by the spiral, the quartz sand and the cotton inside the rod.
Certainly the Isis Wand for Drinks is more than a test device. You can use it as an activator for drinks when you are travelling. Or you can puzzle your friends when you use it in a pub. Everything described here is based on my own observations and perceptions as well as those of my customers. There is no scientific research available which would be able to back it. Should you find the results convincing, the next item from my product range which I would recommend to you is one of the water activators".



Design and functional principle:

What makes this device, the Isis Wand for Drinks, special, may (like in the case of all our products) be related to its geometry. It has 4 rings – a geometrical form derived from the Egyptian djed pillars which has the capacity to amplify bio energy. There is ample reason to assume that the use of brass, a geometrical brass probe inside, quartz sand, natural cotton as well as the gold alloy on the outside enhance the intensity of the radiation even further. It goes without saying that the Isis Wand for Drinks, too, was designed in a way which prevents it from absorbing any foreign energy which may impair its energetic effect. The components listed above may induce the transformation of negative vibrations. Because the Isis Wand for Drinks has been charged with the same information as the Isis Water Activators, its benefits can also be the same, although of course less intense. Its spherical tip may help to distribute the beams equally into all directions.
In contrast to the Horus Wand, which requires activation via a mental intent on the part of the user, the Isis Wand for Drinks has the capacity to unfold its energy by itself. The Wand for Drinks operates on the basis of the same principle as the Isis Orgone Beamer.


Immerse the Isis Wand for Drinks in the container holding the drink and stir the liquid for approximately 30 seconds. If you merely allow the Isis Wand for Drinks to sit in the liquid without stirring it, the energizing process may take 30-60 seconds. Depending on the consistency and quality of the drink, a longer contact time may be required for optimum results. For example, experience has shown that fruit juice takes longer than water before its taste improves. Coffee needs even more time, though usually not more than 60 seconds.
Please note that for legal reasons we need to be very cautious when describing our products.



  • Very easy handling
  • Potential improvement of taste for all drinks
  • Probably makes coffee more easy to digest
  • May make fruit juices or wine milder in taste
  • May make water softer
  • The Isis Wand for Drinks is 14.46 cm (5.69") long and comes in a wooden case.
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