WeberBio water activator mini

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For households, travelling and swimming pools


WeberBio water activator mini


Energetic water preparation for household, agriculture, sewage works, lakes, ponds, wells, industry for agriculture and industry, lakes, sewage works, water extraction equipment




ECKHARD WEBER: "As early as in the mid 1990's, a friend of mine had a vision. He told me: "You should develop a water activator which will not be disturbed by any environmental influences!" I took his comment very seriously. After all, it was clear even in these days that the chaos around all kinds of waves being emitted and other interfering sources would increase. My wish was as follows: The portable water activator would be equally applicable in the household and in swimming pools. Furthermore, it would fit into your luggage. The device would not be prone to disturbances because in all likelihood it can generate its own subtle energy and adapt to higher frequency ranges. In addition to the natural information stored in it, the device I obtained probably emits nature-related pieces of information owing to its geometrical form. Another energy boost may be supplied by the integrated orgone beamer. In combination with the rest of the materials, a very strong and constant field of subtle energy can be generated for which, as already indicated several times, there is no proof in mainstream science. At the same time, I assure you that I developed this activator over an extended period of time. Within my worldview, which presumes the existence of subtle energies, there is not the faintest doubt about this device!"


The portable Isis Water Activator is a universally applicable multi-layer accumulator used for energetic water treatment. It is based on a unique physical method which comprises specific wave forms, frequencies, form radiations as well as the sophisticated combination of organic and inorganic materials and positive water information designed to trigger particular reactions both on the subtle and on the gross levels. The portable Isis Water Activator seems to create a closed, self-generating energy system which is maintenance-free and does not depend on electricity. The frequencies emitted by it enable the activator to energetically charge the water pipework from the outside with the help of a powerful vibrational energy. The activator can be used for private households and for practices involving water treatments.


  • May improve the taste of your drinking water
  • May soften water
  • May dissolve calcium and scale buildup
  • May enable you to reduce your detergent consumption
  • May have a harmonizing impact on humans, animals and plants
  • May reduce bad smells of water
  • Potentially enhances water quality in swimming pools

Installation and functional principle

  • No installation costs
  • Portable (travelling, vacation)
  • Maintenance-free
  • May be installed in the neighbourhood of electrical installations
  • Suitable for installation on geopathic interference fields
  • Suitable for rental flats – can be mounted to the tab or mixer tab
  • Suitable for single-family houses with water pipes of up to 3⁄4 "
  • Offers an option to treat water from the outside based on a physico-energetic process 
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