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Serge Fitz is the author of several books on geobiotherapy and the language of disease. He leads seminars as a radiesthesist, consultant and practitioner in the fields of body energies and decoding the causes of the disease.

His books are available in French.

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Book - Dossier entités

Product no.: GSB001

18.50 *

Book - L'après-vie

Product no.: GSB002

19.80 *

Book - Éco-médecine

Product no.: GSB003

36.00 *

Book - Bien vivre sa maison

Product no.: GSB004

13.00 *

Book - La Maladie un Mythe qui se porte bien

Product no.: GSB005

18.00 *

Book - Les autres causes de la maladie

Product no.: GSB006

28.00 *

Bio Generator SF

Product no.: GS0030

190.00 *
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