Home in Harmony

Vitalized Water


Vitalisiertes Wasser

Simple solutions for energetically good water at home.

Bio Music One



Bio-active music for well-being
and vital support.

Energetic Protection



Universal radiation protection and harmonization of you living spaces with Beamer Weber Bio.

Mattress Theravital



Unique in the world! Radiation protection and physiotherapist for your back during the night.

Home fragrance


Pinus Cembra

The wood of the Swiss Stone Pine contains volatile essential oils with effect on body, mind and spirit.

Carafes & Cups



Nature's Design - carafes, glasses
and cups with exceptional energy

Drinking Bottles



The first bottles in the world that are made from 100 % natural materials that are 100 % degadable.

Oral & body hygiene


Oral & body hygiene

Sustainable, vegan & fair from bamboos and other natural materials.